About Us

We are El-Nemr Company for Projects Management, General Supplies, Commercial Agencies, and Export of Fruits, Vegetables, Spices and legumes, Tea, Coffee, and snacks.
It is one of El-Nemr Group of Companies
The company was established in 2023 to be one of the companies of El-Nemr Group. Our company is distinguished by exporting vegetables
Fruits, and all of the company’s products are manufactured in accordance with international food quality and safety standards, under the supervision of an elite group of people with technical and administrative expertise in the field of agricultural crops.

  • Natural Process
  • Premium Quality
  •  Harvest Everyday
  • 100% Organic
  • Fast Delivery

Our Team

Dr.Amr Elnemr

Chairman of Board of Directors

Ms. Clara Ashraf

Public Relations Manager

Mr. Emad Elnemr

Head of Marketing Sector

Ms. Shaima Al-Nimr

Media Adviser

Why Choose Us

El-Nemr Company for Projects Management

Our goal is to strengthen the company’s position in the export, general supplies and distribution of fresh vegetables and fruits in accordance with the best international quality standards.


Since its establishment, the company has developed a comprehensive and ambitious vision in order to provide all the needs of the local and international consumers in terms of products (vegetables, fruits, etc.) that conform to international quality specifications, through marketing them locally and internationally and competing in global markets.  Which increases Egyptian exports and develops the national economy.


El-Nemr Project Management Company aims to export (vegetables, fruits, Spices and legumes, tea, coffee, and snacks) to make the competitive process a success by taking strategic measures and following international quality assurance standards to maintain competitiveness through good management and working to strengthen the local and global market through, (quality, cost, and competition)

The Message

Our mission is for our company to become at the forefront of general supply and export companies (vegetables, fruits, Spices and legumes, tea, coffee, and snacks), which enjoy the trust and satisfaction of consumers. The company also provides products with a distinctive taste and high quality that are in line with the needs of the local and international market. The company is expanding its base  It spreads through providing the best services to customers, and the company has good communication with all customers before and after sales.


Outstanding value


Building partnerships based on trust.


Growing in an eco-friendly path with respect to the natural environment.


Being effective in working without wasting time, effort, or expense.


Being effective in working without wasting time, effort, or expense. Always seeking to become better and add more value to people.